Alternatives to the plastic craze: filling up tap water on the go

In Germany, around two million disposable plastic bottles are consumed every hour. According to Deutsche Umwelthilfe e. V., the consumption of disposable plastic bottles in Germany alone amounts to a good 17 billion disposable plastic bottles per year. Anyone traveling for business or pleasure can choose a cost-effective and environmentally friendly alternative to buying mineral […]

Summer drinks for detoxing

Since our body has to deal with countless pollutants and environmental toxins almost every day, it is not surprising that it reacts to metabolic deposits. Polluted air, unhealthy food or drinks or even harmful cosmetics or alleged care products are a gradual burden on the body. There are a variety of ways to detox with […]

Dangerous soft drinks

Soft drinks, i.e. sweet/sour, carbonated soft drinks, refer to all drinks that contain carbon dioxide dissolved in water – popular with young people and adults alike. But one can of soft drink alone contains about ten teaspoons of sugar, 150 calories and 30 – 55 mg of caffeine, peppered with food coloring and sulfides. Phosphoric […]

Cucumber water: what can the wellness drink really do?

The hype surrounding the refreshing drink cucumber water has been going on for a long time. Infused waterwith cucumber slices is a great refreshment, and not just in summer. The easy-to-prepare wellness drink also scores highly after sport or as a basic drink for losing weight . But what more can this trendy drink do […]

Coffee is not a water robber

On average, 0.41 liters of coffee beans are consumed per capita per day in Germany. The average German adult consumes 6.4 kg of coffee per year. Extrapolated over a lifetime, this would result in an incredible 77,000 cups of the popular hot drink. Do you also know the rule “drink a glass of water with […]

Sparkling Easter – water is part of it!

  After Lent, there is a big reward at Easter. Although, it shouldn’t be quite that thick. Because conscious renunciation shows us what we can optimize in our lives. Now is the best time to maintain good habits. Anyone who has laboriously lost a few kilos should not immediately go all out with the Easter […]

Drink something new more often

Trying out new things is fun, you want to be part of the action. This also applies to food and drink. It doesn’t have to be beer from a champagne bottle, the tried and tested tap water is here to stay. But something is happening in the middle. Drinking is fun We now know that […]

Vitamins and nutrients in grape juice

One of the most popular fruit juice drinks here is grape juice. It is just behind apple, orange or multivitamin juice in fourth place. Rich in vitamins and nutrients, it is particularly suitable for people with blood or iron deficiency due to its high iron content. Red grape juice in particular is very popular. For […]

The right drink – but what?

There is a lot of wisdom about the right drink: a schnapps after a heavy meal, coffee as a pick-me-up, wine for a healthy heart, nothing beats water and tea anyway. How much truth is behind these truisms? When it comes to fitness and health, most reports are about sport and food – drinking is […]

Mirabelle plums – the delicate summer fruit

Mirabelle plums? Sure, you’ve heard of it before, but have you tried it? If you have not yet personally encountered the small yellow fruits, whose big sisters are the plums, it is definitely worth getting to know them! Small and yellow, they not only taste very good, they also contain the full power of the […]