LAQA SmartCup

The digital hydration management solution for care and healthcare facilities
Kleiner Bildeinklinker SC

Initial situation

With increasing age, the body water content of humans decreases and the natural thirst sensation is reduced. In conjunction with behavioral changes, this may result in a significant increase or greater severity of dehydration-related medical conditions and symptoms in the elderly.


These range from everyday complaints and manifestations such as headaches, difficulty concentrating and disorientation, to loss of cognitive abilities and severe chronic diseases.


With our hydration management, we offer a digital total solution as a combination of a smart drinking cup and intelligent data management. While the SmartCup reminds the user individually to drink, the intelligent data management ensures continuous monitoring of drinking behavior.

LAQA Hydration Management with the SmartCup in detail

Step 1

Based on personal parameters such as age, height, gender, weight, etc., a recommended daily drinking amount is determined for the user.

Step 2

Drinking quantities consumed from the SmartCup are transmitted to our data center and compared with the target drinking quantity.

Step 3

The time for the next drink reminder is calculated in real time and transmitted to the SmartCup and thus to the user.

Step 4

Consumed drinking quantities are transferred to a drinking log and can be retrieved via a web interface or, if necessary, transmitted directly to third-party systems.

Product details LAQA SmartCup

  • high quality plastic
  • scratch, impact and break resistant
  • temperature and shape resistant
  • dishwasher safe
  • food safe
  • Capacity: 350 ml
  • Tare weight (net): < 150 gr.
  • Total weight (gross): < 500 gr.
  • Customizable drink reminder by light, sound and / or vibration
  • Precise and wear-free measurement of liquid levels by ultrasound
  • Spill detection
  • High measurement accuracy of the level
  • encrypted data transmission via mobile technology
  • no further local technology (WLAN, Bluetooth, etc.) required
  • Operating time at least 24 hours
  • inductive recharge
  • Can be used nationwide
  • Austria
  • Switzerland
  • Anti-slip tape in different colors
  • Drinking lid
  • Beak cup attachment
SmartCup wb3d
SmartCup grey-breit

The SmartCup

  • High-end sensor technology
  • wear-free ultrasonic measuring technology
  • GSM radio to data transmission
  • scratch, impact and break resistant
  • weight optimized
  • dishwasher safe (the technology is protected in the base of the drinking cup).
  • customize (color and logo embossing band)
  • Inductive charging
  • Complement with optional accessories, such as handle, handle, sippy cup attachment, drinking lid.

The SmartCup is the digital solution for

- A reminder of fluid intake according to need
- the exact recording of drunk liquid quantities
- the fully automatic creation of a drinking log

The direct link between SmartCup and artificial intelligence in
of data processing forms the basis for comprehensive hydration management. The data obtained here provides an ideal overview of users’ drinking behavior and can be integrated into existing data landscapes without media discontinuity.
The use of the overall solution enables the digital mapping of drinking behavior and, in addition to relieving the burden on nursing staff, ultimately leads to an increase in the well-being and health of users.