LAQA SmartCup

The hydration management of LAQA

is a digital solution for nursing and healthcare facilities to record and process drinking quantities and intervals for care recipients.

With the help of a smart drinking cup, the innovative

LAQA SmartCup

, the user is reminded of sufficient fluid intake. Drinking behavior is recorded and the data obtained is transmitted to our data center for analysis. A drinking profile is stored there for each user, with which the respective fluid consumption is compared. The SmartCup then directly receives the necessary information for the next drink reminder.

LAQA’s total solution thus consists of an innovative drinking cup and an intelligent data service.

The information about the user or his drinking behavior can be viewed at any time via a web interface or made available to third parties (e.g. family members, doctors, etc.) with the user’s consent.

The protection of personal data is a high priority for us. The data transmission as well as the processing of the data are carried out in strict compliance with the applicable provisions of data protection law.

The advantages of LAQA hydration management:

  • Comprehensive overview of the drinking behavior of care recipients

  • Need-based reminder of fluid intake

  • Prevention of hydration-dependent disease patterns

  • increased well-being of the seniors

  • fully automated, tamper-proof drinking protocol

  • Relief of the nursing staff

  • Higher efficiency in the actual nursing work

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