That drives us


Good communication requires openness. Openness to issues, questions and dissenters. We meet our customers and partners at eye level and create transparency in conversation.


We link the real and the digital world – with the aim of achieving benefits for people and society.


With our SmartCup, the only one of its kind in the world, we want to prevent elderly people in particular from becoming dehydrated and set a milestone in the care of nursing recipients and senior citizens.

SmartCup grey-breit


The LAQA SmartCup offers the perfect symbiosis of a smart drinking cup and intelligent data management.

The connection between the SmartCup and artificial intelligence in
of data processing forms the basis for our comprehensive hydration management.

We see our SmartCup as a supplementary element of a healthy diet within the framework of a supportive nursing measure that serves to prevent a fluid deficit, especially in older people.