in production and supply chains

Sustainability at LAQA

Environmental awareness is an important topic at LAQA: durability, sustainability and ecological criteria in production and the materials used are essential features of our business model. 

Our drinking cups are retrieved and recycled at the end of the contract or if they are defective. Recyclable materials are used to a large extent. The boards are checked, reworked if necessary and reused.

Made in Germany

Our processes are optimized in terms of energy consumption, short transport distances and maximum transparency in the supply chain. Required resources are called up regionally as far as they can be represented.

When selecting suppliers and service providers, LAQA makes sure that they are based in the region and think and act in accordance with ÖRS. For example, all the companies involved in the production of our SmartCup come from southern Germany.

ÖRS certified

ÖRS stands for ecological – regional – social. For ecological responsibility, regional roots and social responsibility.

The ÖRS Audit
makes processes within the company transparent and shows the qualities of the connections to suppliers, customers, employees and partners.