How water quality influences the taste of tea

Optimal tea enjoyment with good drinking water When it’s cold and dark outside, a good cup of tea tastes twice as good. It warms you from the inside, is good for your health and can make you feel happy. The quality of the water is crucial for the tea to develop its full aroma. In […]

A glass of water in the morning for a good start

Get off to a good start with a glass of water in the morning Everyone has their own habits. There are big differences, especially in the morning. While some people jump out of bed before the alarm clock rings, others only struggle out of bed after repeated attempts to wake up. Whether you’re an early […]

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Optimize the chocolatey Advent season with water

Optimize the chocolatey Advent season with water At first glance, the sweet chocolate and the neutral-tasting water have nothing, absolutely nothing, in common. Advent without chocolate? Hard to imagine for many! Advent calendars, chocolate Santa Clauses, chocolates, cookies, gingerbread, hot chocolate with a twist… – the list of Advent treats containing chocolate is extremely extensive. […]

Good intentions for 2017: health and drinking more water

At the beginning of the year they are booming again, the good resolutions for the new year. Every year, a large proportion of good intentions are health-related. This is why some health insurance companies regularly ask their members shortly before the end of the year what their plans are for the new year. DAK-Gesundheit also […]

Thirst before going to bed

Feeling thirsty late at night Do you know that too? The evening is slowly drawing to a close, it’s time to go to bed and somehow you’re still thirsty before you drift off into the realm of dreams? If you feel thirsty, you should always try to quench it, even if it is often not […]

Optimizing water intake as a goal during Lent

Lent is the best time of year to get rid of bad habits. New Year’s resolutions are usually made at the beginning of the year, but few people manage to stick to these plans throughout the year. Lent, on the other hand, is only limited to the period between Ash Wednesday and Easter Sunday. From […]

Coffee is not a water robber

On average, 0.41 liters of coffee beans are consumed per capita per day in Germany. The average German adult consumes 6.4 kg of coffee per year. Extrapolated to a lifetime, this would result in an incredible 77,000 cups of the popular hot drink(source: Do you also know the rule “drink a glass of water […]

Danger to drinking water due to excessive nitrate levels

Water is considered to be the most important food of all. However, tap and mineral water is influenced by the quality of the groundwater. On average, Germany has really good groundwater and therefore, compared to other countries in the world, very good tap and mineral water. However, the German government’s current nitrate report on German […]

Water as a natural remedy – for thousands of years

Healing springs? Yes, because water is definitely one of the oldest natural remedies we have at our disposal. Even thousands of years ago, people appreciated the beneficial effects of healing springs both externally and internally. It is not for nothing that a central therapy of almost every spa is the drinking cure. However, it is […]