Mirabelle plums – the delicate summer fruit

Mirabelle plums? Sure, you’ve heard of it before, but have you tried it? If you have not yet personally encountered the small yellow fruits, whose big sisters are the plums, it is definitely worth getting to know them! Small and yellow, they not only taste very good, they also contain the full power of the […]

Drinking correctly for incontinence

Incontinence is a problem that can affect any of us. Be it an illness or simply old age. In any case, it is very unpleasant. Many people therefore try to get to grips with this problem by drinking less. This certainly reduces urine production, but the body needs sufficient fluid to function properly. The urinary […]

Water with wine – but which one?

Water and wine belong together. Whether with a meal, to refresh the palate occasionally or to quench your thirst so that your wine enjoyment doesn’t get out of hand. But does every water go with every wine? After all, you don’t want to spoil the fine wine. On the contrary, if you choose the right […]