Water is the elixir of life. Life is not possible without it. In recent years, the hype about drinking water has become ever greater. Water should not only replenish our fluid reserves, it should also make us more vital and, above all, it should taste good. A new trend is brewing on the water market in the USA: so-called “raw” water. But this water trend is fraught with risks.

The mineral water industry is booming

While only 12.5 liters of mineral water were consumed per capita in Germany in 1970, the average was already 147.7 liters in 2017 , including medicinal water(source: Statista, 2018, www.statista.com). Almost 200 mineral water companies are pushing their way onto the market with over 500 mineral waters and around 40 medicinal waters of various kinds. The list of possible characteristics for mineral and drinking water is getting longer and longer:

There is also the issue of whether the water is stored in a glass or plastic bottle or gushes directly from the tap.

Water digestibility is individual

Water is always valuable for the human body. Which water is particularly digestible depends largely on your own physical constitution. People with sensitive stomachs and digestive systems would be particularly well advised to opt for low-carbonated water. If you are prone to high blood pressure, you should switch to low-sodium mineral water. For babies and small children , non-carbonated water with as few minerals as possible is the most digestible. Organic mineral water and water from which all pollutants and contaminants have been filtered out are naturally healthier for every body in the long term. The revitalization of water appears to have positive effects on humans, animals and plants, but has not yet been sufficiently scientifically researched in all its facets. Water with additives should only contain natural ingredients. Any artificial additive puts unnecessary strain on the body ‘s metabolism. Lukewarm water is the easiest for the body to utilize after drinking, as it does not need to be heated or cooled down significantly.

“Raw” water with greater health benefits?

The new American water trend is spreading, especially in Silicon Valley and San Francisco. Water from natural water sources is filled directly into large glass bottles without filtering, sterilization or any other type of treatment . According to the bottlers, the “raw” water is supposed to be healthier than conventional tap or mineral water. The idea is based on the theory that standard sterilization and filtering processes remove the natural minerals from the water. In addition, health-promoting naturally occurring probiotics and “good” bacteria are inactivated. These components, which are still present in the “raw” water, would therefore make the water significantly healthier. The “raw” water is also said to have the sensory advantage that it has a slightly mild sweetness.

Even if the high-quality natural spring water sounds tempting, unpurified water is always a source of danger for various pathogens. With “raw” water, unicellular parasites in particular, which can cause the diarrheal disease giardiasis , are a major risk for children, the elderly and sick people. In addition, the “raw” water must remain chilled throughout to preserve the probiotics. If it is left for too long, the water will turn greenish. This would not be the case with bottled mineral water or tap water, as it is no longer “alive”.

A safe alternative: around 70 % of Germany’s drinking water comes from spring and groundwater. The waterworks analyze it and, if necessary, treat it. Natural minerals, bacteria and probiotics can be absorbed through other foods and also promote health. If the drinking water is not “alive” enough for you, you can revitalize it yourself afterwards.

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